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i.X.X.X.i Base ring 10mm

i.X.X.X.i Base ring 10mm

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This gorgeous Dutch brand has endless combinations and possibilities. Create your own stunning and unique ring by combining a base ring with infill rings of your choice 💕

This listing is for a Base ring. 10mm wide. Stainless steel or plated

A choice of 3 colours - gold, rose gold or silver.

Please note that if you are a half size base ring you will need to order an infill ring in the next size up eg if you are a size 17.5 (or 18) base ring you will need to order infill ring size 18. Please contact us if you would like advice on your ring size.

A 10mm base ring will take 8mm of infills. The more infills you have the more you can change your look from day to day!

Base rings are also available in size 8mm or 12mm - listed separately 😍

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