How Our iXXXi Collection Works

1. Choose your base ring:
  • Select your base ring size ( as the base rings are wide, this may be larger than your usual ring size.) Choose your desired colour and width.
  • The selected width will determine how many fill rings will fit on it.
2. Choose your fill rings:
  • You can select from 1mm, 2mm, or 4mm.
  • A 12mm  base ring will take 10mm of fill rings.
  • A 10mm base ring will take 8mm of fill rings.
  • An 8mm base ring will take 6mm of fill rings

The size of the fill ring must match the size of the base ring, eg if your base ring is size 18, you will need fill rings size 18. However, if your base ring is a half size you will need to choose the next size up eg. if your base ring is a size 18.5 you will need to choose fill rings size 19.

The i.X.X. X.i. concept  is based on modern woman’s desire to design and create unique jewellery at an affordable price.  Go to our ring generator to create yours!